Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BIKE TOUR GIVEAWAY: Join Me On This Year's NYC Century Tour

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Something about the month of August makes me instantly nostalgic for all things sunshine and heat and summertime cycling.

The rational side of my brain knows that there is still an entire month of the season left in which to frolic, but somewhere deep inside my old school girl psyche faces Fall with the kind of dread that only final exams and teachers with coffee breath can incite.

Fortunately enough, this year I've got two incredibly exciting events to look forward to that have been helping me get out of my pre-post-summer funk.

Number one is slightly non-bike related. I'm going to Brazil! For 9 days in September, I'll be exploring Rio de Janeiro with nothing but a backpack and probably an ultra-touristy map I'll try and fail to navigate on my own. I haven't taken a solo trip in three years (remember the Chilean adventure that first sparked my bike obsession?) and as much of a high I get out of speeding through Manhattan's streets, there's nothing that compares to dropping myself in a foreign country and getting by on my own.

I. Can. Not. Wait.

Except, I kind of can wait...because September also brings the NYC Century Ride! This was my first ever stab at a century tour last year and my favorite ride of 2011, hands down. In my opinion, there's no better way to kiss summertime goodbye and usher in the season of golden Central Park and cinnamon lattes as this bike tour.

This all brings me to my next bit of exciting news: This year, the kind folks from Transportation Alternatives have slipped me an extra ticket for the ride, which takes place Sept. 9. The best part?

I'm going to give it to one of you lovely people! 

Whether you're a bike tour junkie like me or never could quite bring yourself to pony up the cash, here's your chance to ride my all-time FAVORITE bike tour for free (a $60 value for non-members). I had such a blast last year and I hope you will too. 

You can pick any route: 15, 35, 55, 75, or 100 miles.

TO ENTER: Send an email to bikewriterblog[at]gmail.com or drop me a line on Facebook with your NAME and EMAIL address. I'll do a random drawing for the winner on Aug. 19 at 8 p.m. Just in case you were worried I'd rig the thing (I'd never!), I'll draw the name on camera and post the video with the winner that night. 

Need some tips to get ready? Check out my Bike Tour Survival List > 


  1. My and hubby did this tour last year and we had a blast and from then on we've been on many tours. Can't wait to the NYC century tour again. See you there (maybe).

  2. Would love to see you there! Are you doing the full 100 miles?

  3. That's awesome about the Rio trip! Jealousss...

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  5. Keep up your passion with biking and go on inspiring people to try it as well! :) Best of luck to more of your trails!

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