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Is it ‘under duck’ or ‘under dog’ on the swing

July 2, 2018 – Peshtigo, WI – Killing a little time while we wait for the Peshtigo Fire Museum to open. We’re at Badger Park and rather than swim Audrey, 15, gravitated to the swing.

“Push me,” she said. “Give me an under dog.”

I said it’s “under duck.”

Definition: When you push someone on a swing from behind and then push so hard you run under the swing at the end of the push.

What say you?

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  1. Under Dog since 1976 and still saying it. A man corrected me with the under duck theory. I think it’s always been under dog.

  2. I am 63 years old and we always said “ underduck” because the person pushing has to duck under the swing. As time passed I think some of the younger kids thought we were saying “underdog” and they started saying that instead.

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