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18 days and counting until Alaska tour

                              Colorful northern lights displays can produce red, purple and blue patterns.  
                                                         ¬©Visit Anchorage/Wayne Johnson

Borrowed today’s photo from the Official Anchorage, Alaska Travel Information website. Starting to cobble together my gear –  throwing my jerseys, padded shorts, tools and other supplies on the living room floor. 

Behind the scenes I’m prepping my emergency contact list for my team back home should I lose a credit card, have bike issues, or need medical advice. A solid home team is a big plus – – as can be seen from the last tour from Florida to Wisconsin where I unknowingly made friends with bed bugs and some guy at a diner gave me a gun??

Getting my finances in order now which means checking my ATM card and finding out I have no idea what the correct pin number is. 

Still in a minor panic as I await my concealed carry license from Utah – I sent in my forms and a $51 check last March.

The fundraising for Alzheimer’s activities at Cedar Community in West Bend has drawn a great response. The tour jersey looks awesome! Sponsors and supporters have been very generous and now I’m in the midst of a radio sales campaign. *Check out the latest testimonial from one of my former student interns – scroll down the left-hand column.

I’m also contacting tourism officials in Alaska to see if I can freelance some articles on their behalf.

Friends have hooked me up with some of their relatives and hoping word of mouth will help me secure safe places to stay. Mostly I’m excited for the adventure!

Stay tuned!

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