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Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s | Taking advantage of bike trails

July 1, 2018 – Belle Plaine, WI – We were early risers ‘for real’ on Saturday as the heat from Friday’s 55 miles from West Bend to Oshkosh taught us a lesson.

We managed to secure an affordable dorm room at Gruenhagen Conference Center at UW-Oshkosh Friday night.

Air conditioning, two beds, showers and we were able to bring the bikes into the room, no questions asked.

On Saturday we hit the road by 6:30 a.m. and took advantage of the fantastic trail system biking the Wiouwash State Trail from Oshkosh all the way to Hortonvillle.

It was super easy to navigate and the shade of the trees made the first 44 miles on the day extremely enjoyable.

Audrey was a trooper when I asked her to pose at the Allenville sign; “Population 28” caught our attention.

One second after the photo she was deluged with mosquitos.

A couple highlights of the day:

– We made it to Belle Plaine, just 7 miles south of Shawano, in record time. That’s 63 miles on the books as we rode the day in tribute to Helen Reinke.

– We saw an eagle’s nest atop a power pole, a ground hog that wouldn’t get out of Audrey’s way until last minute, some “adorable pigs” in the mud and a fawn with spots that ran next to the bikes for a couple of pedal rotations.

– Some people have asked what we talk about during our marathon miles. Today I learned a lot about speed skating, i.e., the names of the skaters,  stupid workout routines, and where the next race series will be held.

-After this tour Audrey will be going to speed skating camp in Lake Placid. I’m sure riding her steel 10-speed cross country for three weeks while carrying 60 pounds of gear will be a good prep.

– While at Gilbert’s Sentry in Hortonville a woman who left the store marched right back in. Audrey and I were eating and resting next to the grocery carts. “I know you don’t know me,” said the woman. “But you’re welcome to come sit in my living room for a while if you like. I have air conditioning.”  She was so kind and matter-of-fact. We were actually doing pretty well so we declined. Those unpredictable interactions are one of the things I love about touring.

– While taking a break in the shade of a huge tree on someone’s front lawn just past the Clintonville city limits we noticed the homeowner had a full-on windmill in his backyard.  I never knew there was a windmill in Clintonville.

– Today we plan to bike to the Michigan state line up near Marinette. It should be another 60+ mile day. Hopefully overnight storms have pushed out some of the heat.

The 2018 Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s is raising money this year for a rickshaw for seniors at The Samaritan Campus, a 501c3, so all donations are tax deductible.


Thanks to the sponsors below for supporting this year’s tour including: Elm Grove Woman’s Club, Gruber Tool and Die, Horicon Bank, Alliance Services, American Commercial Real Estate, The Sign Shop and Pizza Ranch




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