.....The BiKeWriTeR

Anyone Want to Claim “Spike?”

Outside the Valley Hotel and Coffee Shop in Palmer.

FOUND:  6-foot tall Velociraptor.
Brown, green and scaly.
Not nice.  Bites hard.
Answers to the name of “Spike.”

On a brighter note….

Dr. Bill Mitchell

Had lunch at the Valley Hotel and Coffee Shop with Dr. Bill Mitchell.  

He ordered a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie….and waited.  Another waitress finally brought him a piece. Half-way through the original piece, the waitress said she was warming his pie, and she brought over a whole new piece!  Bill laughed, and took it in stride.

I listened to his stories about how he took up running at 52.  Shook Bill’s hand when I left and he hung onto it and grabbed my tab.  

What great hospitality as I wind down my tour of Alaska!

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