.....The BiKeWriTeR

Cooper Landing – 181 miles down

 Day 4 – Cooper Landing, AK 181 miles

 So you’re not going to believe it. Crappy road, no shoulder – Cooper Landing.  

Yelled at the construction guy, he smiled, I melted….

Couldn’t talk him into letting me sleep in the work trailer.

Walking to town and see the Green Bay Packer flag…  🙂

So…. that GB Packer flag at the side of the road in Cooper Landing….. it belonged to Richard and Mary Dreifuerst who were originally from St. Cloud, Wis. and graduated New Holstein H.S., same as my dad! We talked about the Holy Land, Fond du Lac and found my cousin, Donny, was in their class. Then they agreed to let me spend the night in their lake-side cabin. 
The photo is the picture window in my room overlooking Kenai Lake 
with the mountains in the back. 
Go figure. Small world.

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