.....The BiKeWriTeR

Into New Hampshire

Chris gave me a good jump on the day with a lift from Waterville, Maine to South Paris.

Chris (right)

I profiled him – he had a nice car, dresses nice and so fit I mistook him for a biker. “No, I’m into cross training,” he said. Really a nice guy, well traveled, worked in construction and was thrilled to hear about my tour. “You make me want to quit my job and just go,” he said.

(Above, left, and below)  Just a bit of scenery along Highway 117 and Hwy 302.

Waited out a pop-up storm outside the Maine Info Bureau for about an hour. They had a nice bench outside with a large overhang to protect me from the wetness. I think I nodded off before getting some rain gear/garbage bags on and crossing into New Hampshire. 

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