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Kindness of strangers

July 6, 2017 – Netherlands – During my journey pedaling through the Netherlands it’s amazing how many people I meet. 
Alex ran a small camp site just outside Delft. We talked a bit about Alzheimer’s and the tour and he let me camp that night for free. 
Very Gothic church in Gouda 

Stained glass windows from St. John’s Church in Delft were removed prior to WWII and put away for safe keeping. 

Giedo and Juana helped point me in the right direction coming out of Gouda, then we started talking food. “You have to give the raw herring a chance,” said Giedo. “At least try it twice.”  Juana agreed, twice was the secret to liking it and getting past the raw and slimy first experience.
Marella Mulder from camping De Mulderije in Hekendorp.

One of the best camping spots so far; a fifth-generation farm. It’s also odd when someone comes around the corner and calls you by name. Marella brought a mean extension cord to power up my electronics. She also supported the tour by waiving he camping fee.  So kind. 

Adrian was the fourth generation owner of the farm. 

A beautiful roadside cherry stand. 

Many of the street in the city center are all made of brick pavers and, NO, I haven’t fallen yet. 

Gorgeous market with fresh flowers in Oudewater 

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