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Letters on the Road…

Received this email today and was greatly encouraged!

“Hi Judy…Attached is a photo of my grandma, Stella Ligino Malcolm, 12 years ago with my son Joe.  She was 92 and still taking care of her home and garden on her own.  She’s now 104 (or will be in August), has severe dementia and lives in a nursing home in Illinois.  She’s still sassy, but I miss the mischievous sparkle in her eyes.  At age 3, she came over on a ship with her mother and big sister from Yugoslavia to meet up with her father.  (In a rush, the trunk holding their valuable possessions got left behind on a train between New York and Chicago – can you imagine?!)  Eventually there were 7 more siblings and 8 cousins living next door.  I grew up knowing them and credit that experience with my love of geriatric nursing.  Although I’m now a “full-time mom”, I miss the patients and might like to return to that field one day.  Who knows…maybe at Cedar Community!  Thanks for fund-raising for a noble cause.  I love reading about your biking adventures…and your column in general (=.  Enjoy Alaska!”

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