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Nenana to Healy

Road from Nenana to Healy flat so far. Sunny (Yea!) and headed to 80.
Had a nice, safe evening at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

View out my front door this morning at St. Mark’s.

This is Loretta, she was my driver in the pilot truck that took me 7 miles through road construction as I made my way from Nenana to Healy on Saturday.
“You have to ride,” she said, while dropping the tailgate. “The big trucks can’t see you and we’ve torn it all up, up there.”  Loretta was right, so I kicked back and welcomed the red carpet ride.
Loretta was from Alaska; her husband worked a grader on the same construction site.  “I get $30 an hour extra for overtime…and then for five months we ‘winter’ in Arizona.” Loretta talked about her kids, who are grown and carrying on their own lives.  She shared her experience on the job this week, too. “I had  family of bikers the other day, parents and two little kids ages 6 and 8, and I tell ya, that 6-year-old didn’t want to get out of the truck.”  Loretta said the family had been biking from upstate New York.  We had similar thoughts on how awful that was for the kids.
“Now, you be safe,”she said, as she slammed the tailgate and went to make another run.

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