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Packing for the tour – the process is underway

Just a little more than a week left before I leave on the next Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s bicycle tour – this year pedaling from New Mexico to West Bend.

The bike boxes were donated by Kevin Schultz from Mountain Outfitters. Yes – I need two bike boxes -full disclosure, my bicycle is so old the seat post has been welded into place by sweat and rain; in short – it ain’t moving.

Since I can’t lower the seat I must rig one box to slide over the top of another and walaalaha, it’s set for shipping.

Believe me, I am well familiar with what happens with packing mistakes – Note the December 2010 tour to New Zealand when my bike arrived but my luggage missed the flight and stayed in L.A.

Excerpt:  After a mere five minutes with baggage claims customer service, I wished this was happening to somebody else. Simply put, there was no accountability. Matter of fact, the airline determined this was all my fault.

I’m pretty adept at dismantling and packing my own bike. The procedure is normally carried out in a “very messy living room” – so says my neat-nick mother.

While the self-imposed pressures surrounding the tour are growing – I’m often grounded by the wonderful comments I receive from followers and neighbors in the community.

And then I get something like this – A note from Cathy Schmidt of West Bend.

I will be riding a day in tribute to Cathy’s mother in law and her daughter. If you would like me to ride a day in tribute to your loved one please send a jpeg photo along with a $100 donation to Cedar Community.

Click here for details.

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