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Photo Gallery | Along the bike trail

June 26, 2017 – Netherlands – Sharing a few photos from the bike trail today.

The price of a little petrol in Amsterdam.

A brilliant bicycle in Holland. Perfect for transporting children or a case of Pabst from Jeff’s Spirits on Main. 

 The artwork at the roundabouts is very Calatrava.

The tree-lined canals run through all the towns with designated bike lanes on each side. 
It is cozy and beautiful all in the same breath. 
My first windmill sighting in Holland. It’s on my bucket list to get a tour inside before I leave. 
Fields of flowers line both sides of the bike path as I make my way from Amsterdam to Leiden. 

A thatched-roof house. Very gingerbread. 

Stopped to help Fernando at the side of the road; his chain slipped off. The unique thing about a cycle in Holland is that they all seem to have wrap-around chain guards. Good at keeping grease off a pant leg but a total hindrance with small screws if you need to fix. We teamed up and solved it. 

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