.....The BiKeWriTeR

Sharing the Road in Pics

Some random photos from the road……
Nice day biking in Indiana. Wide paved shoulder on the road helps. This was as I made my way to Goshen to get my bike fixed.
This is Matthew holding my old chain on the left. It’s the same number or links as the new chain, but you can see with all the riding I stretched it.
The problem is that the shifting doesn’t react and my pedals slip when I change gears. All in all, it was worn out and needed to be replaced.
While Matthew worked on the bike, I ran next door and got him a raspberry shake and some food for myself. This is the second business I’ve hit on the tour called Chief. #whocarespoliticallycorrect

Sampled of some of the back country roads in Indiana. This was as the skies grew dark and I pedaled right into an oncoming storm. I ducked into somebody’s garage and then….

….two big dogs came running out. So what would you do?

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