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TheBiKeWriTer | Clicking off miles in Indiana

Indiana is a deceptively long state and I decided it was time to buckle down and grind out some miles… and then a maintenance issue hit and became priority No. 1.

My tire pump is wonky, which means I need a new one. I have presta valves, and my best bet is a bike store and it is the July 4 weekend so good luck, Steffes.

Burnettsville, with its cute sign at the entrance to the community, was about 10 miles from Logansport, which had a bike store.

It was a wonderful hazy morning ride through the country where sunbeams split the clouds.

Happened to roll into the Saturday morning farmers market in Logansport which was cozy and very vendor specific. One vendor had a tub of giant radishes… and that was it. She misted them with a spraybottle of water so they glistened in the sun.

Another vendor had unique mushrooms.

And, of course, there were dazzling jars of rich honey and the kind gentleman who told me Logansports bike shop had gone out of business years ago.

But never fear, people at the farmers market started jumping on their phones and networking to contact avid bikers in the community.

“Try Black Dog Coffee House, the owner there is a biker,” said one young farmer.

Sure enough, worked a couple more phone trees and my new favorite Doug came to the rescue and got me moving along to the next town where I managed to pick up a pump and help secure my future on the road.

Clipped off 82 miles into Fairmount, IN which is the birthplace of actor James Dean.

Did the normal James Dean stuff like finding his headstone in the local cemetery.

It was not an over-the-top type of grave site for someone so young and famous.

Someone else riding in a golf cart was there too, snapping a couple of photos for their scrapbook.

“Oh, you scarrd me,” said the woman behind the wheel.

It was Pam. She was tooling about town with her nephew Eric. ”You need a place to stay tonight,” she asked. ”You can come home with me.”

And that was a much better option than sleeping outdoors at the church camp down the road.

Coming up Pam, Dennis and Eric are my new foster family in Fairmount, IN

If the way that somebody lives pleases the Lord, the Lord will lead him into good things. Psalm 37:23 Easy English Bible

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