.....The BiKeWriTeR


Although the Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s tour in Italy is still more than five months out – I have started training. Bicycling over 1,000 miles does take some prep work. Last year, for the Nova Scotia to West Bend tour, I completed 10,000 pushups as part of a fund-raising pledge.
This year I’m taking advantage of a gift certificate I bid on during a fund raiser. I’ve started training at Paradise Springs Fitness and I love it!  Very challenging and a new method of training that focuses on a lot of core.
During my first workout at Paradise Springs Fitness the trainer kept saying, “give more weight to Steffes” and “put more weight on Steffes.”   Me, I was looking at this nice looking guy.

However, 30 minutes later I had to yak because I was overdoing it and ran across the floor to the bathroom.

Too bad I was so unfamiliar with the layout of the place and my destination just ended up being a well-lit corner with a plant and no bathroom.
My friend asked if that guy I spoke about was impressed by that. 

If this were easy ….. everybody would do it.

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