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VIDEO | Inside living quarters of a windmill

Edam, Netherlands – It was July 2017 when I took a 3-week bicycle tour through the Netherlands. Windmills were a hot topic and very tourist friendly.  

I shot this interior tour of a walk through a windmill while biking in Edam. This is the living quarters inside a windmill. Come join me and experience the cozy fit and climb the stairs to various levels. 

About 10 miles north of Edam I was granted permission to explore the interior of a windmill.  It was a guide-yourself tour.

The living quarters made efficient use of tight space including sleeping quarters in what appears to be a closet on the first floor.

The colors were a dull orange and there were Delft Blue tiles on the back of the stove.

The kitchen had a big white farm sink with a unique faucet

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