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Adventure of a Lifetime —

From the Panola Watchman – Texas – Read the entire article HERE:

Carthage was home for the night to a woman who tours the country, and the world, on her bike as she enjoys the adventure of exploring the world and writing about it along the way.
Judy Steffes, 47 of West Bend, Wis, has been traveling the back roads of countries around the world for several years. She says she has a bike riding habit that’s constantly in need of a fix.
She grew up riding bicycles. Her dad fixed a bike that carried her and her three small sisters in seats while he drove them around. When she got out of high school, she got the bike she continues to ride today and eventually began touring with organized groups. Once her independence asserted itself, she decided she knew how to map, and she struck out on her own. On her first trip on her own, she took a month’s leave from her job and from West Bend to visit her sister in Colorado Springs. The trip took her 18 days. From there, she decided she wanted to continue to tour, although her boss back in Wis. told her “I hope you got it out of your system.” But, she never has.

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