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Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s – Coconut Grove to Key Largo

January 29, 2021 – Key Largo, FL – Long day. Pedaled Coconut Grove to Key Largo. Roads were great. Lots of well-marked bike paths. Fatigue set in around 82 miles. My left foot was numb and I stunk from the heat and sweat and I loved it.

Old trees, maybe English Oaks, forming a beautiful canopy over the roads in Coconut Grove.

Sunny and near 80 degrees. Saw my first sign for alligators.

Coconut Grove had everything including a vibrant shopping area, great parks, a head nod to history and a peacock on the roof.

The colorful flowers are vibrant and invigorating and the waterways are inspiring.

Crossing into Key Largo there was a very generic white on green sign. Turning out the majestic signs are on the side of the Chamber of Commerce building.

One of my favorite lines from a past tour is from Jacci Gambucci, “You mean you’re going on vacation and you don’t even have a reservation?”

Hunny, I don’t even know what town I’m staying in each night. It is called adventure and tonight I am wild camping behind St. Justin the Martyr Church.

Rev. Hilde said I could.

My new friend David from the Key Largo Chamber called a couple campgrounds. One was full, the other gave him a price. One girl, one tent, one night. Guess how much?


Apparently a reservation would have helped.

Got some dinner from the Winn Dixie next door. The lady at the deli was so kind. She loaded up a plate of rice and spaghetti for only $3 and gave me two sets of utensils.

The lady at the checkout wanted to make sure I had a safe place to stay and she, too, was concerned I had utensils.

The man out front asked about the bike. It’s such a common denominator; people are always so friendly. “I bike about three miles a day,” said the man as he lifted his little dog into the grocery cart. “Three miles and I always end up at the bar.”

People are very friendly here in the Florida Keys.

Judy Steffes is currently on a road trip in the Florida Keys, raising contributions for music and exercise programs at Cedar Community in West Bend in honor of her late dad, Al Steffes, who suffered from the disease.

CLICK HERE to donate securely online. (In “comments” section” add the note “Judy’s Bike Ride”)



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