.....The BiKeWriTeR

Backtracking, and a Bike Fix

What's an adventure without some unexpected challenges along the way. Got my 
international SIM card at the airport and now I'm locked out of my phone. On top of that, the wedge, a small piece that holds the handlebars in place, wiggled 
itself loose in transit and, at this time, is lost on an adventure of its own.

I decided to risk it and pedal to find a bike store. It's a good test for my
rusty Italian. I normally start out with the introduction, "Any English?," then
generally charade my way through from there.

After 10 miles of gut-check mapping I got a guided tour to one of the oldest
hole-in-the-wall bike shops I'd ever seen. 
The business belonged to Isa and Diano.  

She wore a white, stretched-out tank top and stored her cheaters on top of her
head. He had a random collection of inner tubes and a crowded workbench.

Isa fixed me up quickly. I was slightly nervous he may not have the part.
Technology and design have changed so much since my horse was manufactured
in 1982.

The bike fix went fast and then I spent the next half hour trying to figure out my route with Isa and Diano.

More later - the phone shop is opening and I'd better hop to it. Weather is
sunny and 80s.

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