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Dennis and The Air Mattress Saga

My Irish neighbor at the campsite, Dennis, decided to pitch in and help me with my ornery air mattress project. He and his wife, Kay, are traveling by camper and he has all the “niggley” stuff I just can’t carry.

“Let me get a plugger for the sink and we’ll drown it,” he said with an O’Irish lilt.

Dennis added some nice levity to the situation. As we dunked the mattress section by section, he talked about their tour, taking a wrong turn, and heading over a mountain, and the heat.

Dennis was patient. We worked an entire side and found nothing. He was eager to try the other side when, wallah! – BUBBLES. “By God, I think that’s it,” he said triumphantly. I felt like I was working with Sherlock Holmes.

Using his thumb, Dennis sealed the hole and then pulled back.  More bubbles. “Well, this proves we’re not just a pretty face.” He was so fun!

The patch was left up to me. Dennis checked in a couple of times just to see it through to the end. I’ve yet to test my handiwork as my German neighbor let me sleep in her spare camper for the evening.

Stay tuned for a video interview with Dennis (couldn’t resist!)

CHALLENGE:  Anybody want to lay a bet on whether this repair job works?  🙂

My makeshift mattress repair shop

Repair kit – Will it work? 

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