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Family Encounters of the Texas Kind

Bill and Jerry Billingsley
After hand washing my jerseys at the church in McLean, Texas I pedaled down the brick road to Lolly’s for dinner. 

The downtown used to have a movie theatre, three womens dress shops, a grocery, several banks and motel. After the highway was routed around the town businesses started to falter. 

Lolly’s was a newer restaurant / grocery set inside one of the former dress shops. 

“How many miles you put on today,” asked David Baird. He was a muscular man with tattoos on his forearms having dinner at Lolly’s with his family and asked me to join them. 

The family encounters really make the tour special. 

Also at the table was David’s wife Candace, their two kids. 

Candace’s parents and then the grandparents, Bill and Jerry Billingsley joined in. 

Jerry was a hoot. She had rich, thick black hair and talked a lot about their busy cowboy lifestyle as they traveled to rodeos and watched their kids and grandkids compete. 

Married to Bill for 53 years Jerry said, “Couldn’t a done it without my faith.”

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