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Fashionable Footwear!


That’s an Italian thing, right? I stopped to window shop and share some of the exciting shoe trends that will be coming to the States. One unique fashion statement has been ORANGE shoes. Not a fluorescent orange, but a brilliant orange; like a starburst on your feet.

The other trend I’m witnessing is a rich powder blue shoe color. I’ve seen it on men. The blue is similar to the color carpenters use when they snap a chalk line.

Many of the Italian men are slim and dressed in simple suits, but they all look slick. Stefano helped me find the music museum in Parma. He lived in Canada 10 years ago and his English was very good. “That’s not the lock you’re using to keep safe bik,” he asked about my new €16 lock I was so proud of.

“No, no. Chince. Let me show you,” and we went to his accounting office where he pointed to a hefty chain lock. It seemed to me that it was something that you’d keep your bulldog on if you lived next door to a cat factory.

Anyway, Stefano was very friendly and gave me good directions – and he really cut a fine form in his suit. He also had those smooth blue shoes…. But I didn’t think how much I liked them until I started window shopping.

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