.....The BiKeWriTeR

Madisonville, Crockett, and more from TEXAS

Look at the stairwell in this old house.
You’re looking at the 25 stairs through the entryway of the home. Magnificent…

The famed Washateria in Madisonville, Tx.

Entering Houston Co…. just to give you an idea what the scenery is like.

Mural from Crockett, Tx. Funny… Crockett was named after Davy Crockett,
even though he only spent one night in the community.
Then he went to San Antonio and was killed at the Alamo.

My tired face after climbing Hyder Hill. It was tough… a man pulled over to check on me while I rested by the city sign just to see if I was okay.

Sat on the corner with these old timers and listened to them play music.
The one had a Gibson mandolin.
They helped me find a place to stay in this historic mansion in Nacodoches.

Some of the funky wallpaper in one of the 18 rooms in the house (in first pic above)

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