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Sounds and sights of the sea in Monster, Holland

July 2, 2017 – Monster, Holland – Woke up Saturday morning to the sound of the sea; it lulled me back to sleep for another two hours; a
 weekend luxury, but (full disclosure) it was also raining. 
Packed up and headed to the sea. Windy weather was perfect for the kite surfers. Their speeds were fast and their kites lit up the sky along the shore. 

Pedaled south to the small community of Monster. 

Sam, 22, said he was 2 years old when his parents drove past a windmill and he was hooked. 

Sam took me for a tour and explained the mechanics of the mill. We stepped outdoors on the deck and he slowed the wings of the mill. Back indoors he pointed out the ‘horse and the general.’  You could tell Sam loved his hobby. 

Teaser: Came upon this Passion flower in the nursery outside Monster called De Plucktuin. See next story!

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