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VIDEO | De Plucktuin means ‘pick your own flowers.’

July 2, 2017 – Monster, Netherlands – De Plucktuin is a nursery run by the mother-daughter team of Reit and Marja. “My parents married 50 years ago and they moved here and have been working this nursery,” said Marja.  
There are over 300 species of flowers and plants. De Plucktuin  means ‘pick your own flowers.’
Marja explains the history of the passion flower below:
The nursery and its flowers with rich colors is magical.

Marja offered me a cup of coffee and a healthy piece of homemade apple pie. It had thick chunks of apple and soft raisins and a thick crust.
The array of tea cups and saucers reminded me of Mary Ann 
and the Morning Glory in West Bend. 

Mary Ann had the best bakery and she had that big white dog at the doorstep. What was that dog’s name?  

After coffee, pie and flowers I stumbled into a water skiing course on a small lake outside Wateringen.

A little turnabout with the maps: Bikers Jannom and Femke helped guide me to my final campsite. 
“We want to tour like you in the states,” said Femke. She talked about biking the Great Divide. “We’re told to wear our helmets because the cars in the US don’t see the bikers.” 

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