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A few more bits and pieces from the trek through Arkansas….

Had an awful dog chase the other day midway through Arkansas.. The two dogs were big and I thought they’d give up quickly. Sadly, the chase was a pretty good one and the experience, unnerving. I relayed the story to friends who asked why I didn’t just give them a shot of pepper spray. I explained that the spray is in a pocket in the back of my jersey. It’s not like you’re making out on the couch and you can just reach over and pick up your watermelon Lipsmacker. The situation is a bit more tense involving speed, balance and protecting meaty leg flesh.

– There are some classic small-towns in Arkansas; Bald Knob and Possum Grape – that was back when they spelled it with a ‘P.’

– Rescued a 15-pound snapping turtle the other day as I was on a back road leaving Fredericktown. First of all, let me say I didn’t know turtles could jump. Second, a very bad tactic is to put your hand on the turtle’s back – even that is too close to its mouth. Since Missouri is the ‘show me’ state, I had to show the turtle how to get off the road. That meant pushing a stick in its face, and then he locked on it, it took a couple elephant heaves, but I managed to lift him to safety.

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