.....The BiKeWriTeR

2015 tour just weeks away!

This year’s Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s tour is coming up quick June 3 and crunch time is here. Sharing a bit of a look behind the scenes – today my new bicycling jerseys arrived. A huge thanks to Helyn Skurzewski and Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds for their work designing, ordering and sponsoring the jersey.

There’s definitely a new look in store – the jersey will debut tonight at the Thrivent Fish Fry. Be sure to stop by the Washington County Fair Park and take a look.

Another piece of the packing puzzle has also been secured as I picked up my bike boxes from Mountain Outfitters. Owner Kevin Schultz has set me up with solid boxes each year so I can ship my bike to its destination. 

To answer a popular question – ‘Yes’ my bike travels with me. It’s almost become part of the story as I’ve been riding the same bike since 1982. There’s a method to my madness – I know, a newer bike would be far more light weight however I know how to fix this bike, it fits me perfect in the back and shoulders and we’ve been through a lot together.

My bike was the only thing that arrived during my three-week tour in New Zealand…. and we made it, 27 days together with no luggage. My bike was with me during Tropical Storm Andrew as I pedaled into Maine on July 4 during last year’s tour from Nova Scotia to West Bend.

This is the same bike that toured Germany for three weeks, made it around Ireland in two weeks, and brought me back from California, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas. My trusty steed even stood by as I ran the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Seattle and then pedaled home.

This year’s tour to Italy takes off June 3. I’m riding again this year to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s programs at Cedar Community. The tours help fund music and exercise programs at Cedar Ridge and now The Cottages.

Stay tuned and I humbly thank everyone for their support. 

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