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75 miles on Sunday – Smelling Wisconsin

Kendallville, Indiana – Long day on the road Sunday. Thought I’d be able to log 100 miles but Mother Nature made it a challenge.

Late start waiting for rain to quit and then got detoured finding my way out of Napoleon, no bicycles allowed on Route 6 bypass
Finally got my groove on – sunny skies, 83% humidity and 15-mile-an-hour headwinds.
Nice flat roads for the most part, decent shoulder along the side of the road and just crossed from Ohio into Indiana.
The Catholic Churches have been great about allowing me to stay the night – throw my sleeping bag down in their church hall and leave in the morning.
Many times it seems like they’re leaving the porch light on, just waiting for me to roll in.
Logged 75 miles on Sunday and landed in Kendallville. Hoping to cross into Illinois on Wednesday.

I can almost smell Wisconsin from here. 

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