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Amherst, Nova Scotia

Amherst, Nova Scotia has a lot of cool things like free Wi-Fi in the downtown area, painted murals on buildings and sculptures made out of trees that were cut down due to Dutch Elm disease.
This mural (below) is in tribute to soldiers that went to serve in WWII. In the foreground is a tree carved into a Nova Scotia Highlander.
This tree art of a woman is located on Virginia Street in front of the Baptist Church. (Photo below)
One of the most interesting murals is on the back side of a building on Virginia and Laplanche Streets (photo below). ‘The Great Amherst Mystery’ is about Esther Cox, who was a bit of a whack job in 1879. She would see things in her home like matches that would light themselves on the floor and she would hear voices. Doctors came in to check her out and they confirmed they heard the things too.
The best story came from a teen in Amherst. Ben said Esther Cox once turned into a blueberry. It was such a Willy Wonka salute to Violet Beauregarde … 

After three days on the bike I crossed into New Brunswick. It’s still considered Canada; they use the same denomination of money, but there is more French spoken here and motorists have a different style of license plate. 

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