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An inspiring message about caregivers

My Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s 2016 bicycle tour leaves June 21 as I fly to Albuquerque, New Mexico and then pedal home to West Bend. This is the fourth year for the fundraiser which brings awareness to Alzheimer’s and provides financial backing to music and exercise programs at Cedar Community.

I’m often inspired by some of the notes I receive so I asked Mary Ellen’s permission to share her post below.

Hi Judy,

I am so excited to follow The 2016 Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s again this year and once again make a donation in memory of my dad, Bob Becker.

This year I included my mom, LaVerne, in the picture.

Both have passed but I remember how hard it was for my mom when my dad would ask the same thing over and over again or make the distant past the present.

It was so hard for her to deal with that day in and day out.  Every night he would ask when his 5 children were going to come home for the night and every night she would tell him that we didn’t live there anymore.

Caregiving is a difficult task for loved ones so this year I am honoring my dad who suffered with Alzheimer’s and my mom for loving him through it.
Thank you for all you do to raise awareness!
Mary Ellen Hetebrueg

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