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Behind the scenes: Prepping for the tour

I’m glad it’s raining. It makes it easier to stay indoors and get the million things done before I leave on tour. I deem this – crunch time. My friends say “it’s sooooo interesting” why don’t you write about it.

Personally, I think it’s a little mundane – but I’ll take a 10-minute break and let in you in on some of the prep work that goes on behind the scenes.

First, I’m pretending I leave this week. Wednesday, to be exact. This gives me the opportunity to stress out twice. Actually it helps me tie up loose ends, prevents procrastination, and then – in the event of some unknown emergency – I am ready.

As you can see above, I’m writing thank-you notes to all the people who made donations. This year I have homemade stationary!  Thanks to Cedar Community.

I have about 50 of those left. Once the weather clears I’ll try to deliver the ones in town on my bike. It’ll be good training and I may be able to introduce myself personally. It’s that added touch and yes, I do save a stamp. (you’re thinking it anyway so I might as well say it.)

My one-day packet project is now turning into four days. I have a team back home that watches out for me. They each get a packet with a house key, all my emergency numbers, my flight info, and copies of my social security card, license, and my will. I know…  morbid – but I’d rather be prepared.

I’ve also reviewed all my checking and savings accounts and made sure I have a POD – so none of that gets caught up in the courts. Finally the packet includes my credit card numbers and the number if I lose my card or its stolen then I can call my team and they can call to cancel. Yes – I try to think of everything.

I have my bike boxes, my tour jerseys, my tools, tubes, tires are all lying in a somewhat organized pile. I’m trying to cut down my gear by 20 pounds and I’m not having much luck. I know I’m going to hit a lot of up down and hauling around 80 pounds of gear is too much.

You saw Dan Brunner, the guy from Kewaskum walking the Pacific Crest Trail – he’s going to be gone five months and all he took was 10 pounds.  Jeesh!

Cables and power cords and European plug adapters OH MY! I haven’t even got to that segment of equipment yet…. much less a map of Italy. That sounds like something I should push to the top of my to-do list.

Stay tuned!  Tour leaves June 3!

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