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Birthday Tribute to My Dad

My dad turns 92 years old today. Who can even imagine living that long. 

He’s packed a lot into those years. He’s a veteran, a graduate of Marquette University, a father of seven and grandfather of 13. He is a man of great faith.

When we were growing up he made sure we all had bikes. Most weren’t the newest, but they all worked. 

We were the Wallendas of Whitefish Bay when he attached three tandems together. It didn’t work like we thought it would but it was fun to try. 

Old school German ingenuity.

My dad is in pretty good shape for 92. He walks about a half mile three times a day and he can play a mean game of Solitaire on the computer. 

He’s a ‘happy’ Alzheimer’s and I ride my annual bike tour as a tribute to my dad. 

I’m also riding the same bike I had when I graduated high school in 1982 because of my dad. It was that Depression-era mentality. “So if it still works I don’t understand why you need a new one.” 

Happy birthday to my Dad.

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