.....The BiKeWriTeR

Glad to report I’m not batty this morning

Ann was easygoing. She had been at Mary Immaculate for three years. Prior to that she worked in the public schools. 

I was losing steam fast and we decided to go down the street to a local Mexican restaurant.

Ann pointed out some of the landmarks including A.T. Still University, Truman State University, and the town square. 

Dropping me off at the school she wished me well on my journey and said, “I called the local TV station and they might stop to interview you ….and we were having some trouble with bats in the school but we haven’t seen any for a couple days so you should be OK.” 

So sweet. 

I seem to have collected quite the menagerie of animal, rodent and reptile friends on this tour. 

Update: Checking in this morning I’m happy to report no overnight guests other than Mother Nature paying a visit this morning. I’m waiting patiently for her to move along – you all should be seeing her soon. 

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