.....The BiKeWriTeR

Got my Ohio plate….

Got my Ohio plate from Norcross Automotive in Sandusky, Ohio. There was a dude there, let’s call him Tyrell.  He was waiting for his car.
“Where you bike from,” he said. I told him Halifax, Nova Scotia.
“Where’s that,” he asked. “Canada,” I said politely.
Tyrell had what looked like a black pantyhose tight on the top of his head. He had black sweatpants and was sweating through his white t-shirt. He was nice enough… But inquisitive.
“How old are you?” I said I was 50 and he let’s go with “Girl, I’m 54 and I don’t even take my bike round the corner. You crazy,” he said, smiling.

Then he reached out his hand to wish me good luck and he did this three-grip
shake with an explosion at the end. I obviously got it wrong. He said, “That’s alright,” and just laughed.
I reached in my back pocket to give him a card to follow along. The cards are in a plastic Baggie and all of a sudden he step back and says, “I don’t want no weed.”

I’m going to move along now. 

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