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It’s official: Nova Scotia to Wisconsin

Hundreds in attendance today at Cedar Ridge for big announcement.

Me and my dad, Al Steffes, posing with the tour logo and primary sponsor for this year’s Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s. Behind the scenes my mother is taking the picture with my iPhone. I told her to take several shots. After the first she stopped and looked at the camera. “How do I wind it forward?”  Isn’t it fun when grandma learns newfangled stuff.


A HUGE thanks to Helen Reinke, a 20-year resident at Cedar Ridge. She donated $10,000 to the tour. Sooooooooo GENEROUS! Helen hoped her gift would encourage others to support the ride. I told Helen I’d knock out 10,000 military push ups before I left and I’d dedicate them to her. Helen was touched. “You’re crazy – but do what you want.”


  1. I am stunned; my sister lives in Nova Scotia, and I live in Wisconsin, and we lost our grandmother to complications from Alzheimer's. I will be sharing your information on Facebook!

  2. Susie,

    Can you send me some contact info – – both yourself and your sister. I'm based out of West Bend and will be flying into Halifax. It would be nice to have someone familiar in the vicinity.

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