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Making My Bed in Toronto Airport (Delay)

TORONTO- Bit of a rough start.  Delayed flight out of Milwaukee combined with customs and cumbersome bike box adds up to missed connection to Halifax.  “Take the train, transfer, and it’s only six minutes away,” said the helpful agent. “Oh, and you’ll have to take that bike box and your morning flight leaves at 6 a.m., so be here by 4 a.m.” It was already 10:45 p.m.  I just decided to sack out at the airport.  Had my air mattress and sleeping bag, and made do in a corner by the luggage carousel.

Arrived well ahead of time for my 2-hour flight to Halifax and already another delay as the front tire is swapped out on the plane.

I have the tools and feel like helping.  I’m going to ask.

Stay tuned.

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