.....The BiKeWriTeR

New episode of “Friends”

Spent Saturday evening socializing with my new friends from Poland. 

Robert, on the right, spoke the best English. They were riding motorcycles cross country.

The three sisters that I met on the street in La Spezia. We all had that wide-eyed “which way do we go” look. The Kahl sisters were from Missoula and they just flew in from a friend’s wedding in Germany.

I hopped another train after spending too much time at the beach. Got past the mountains to the coast at La Spezia.

The sisters – Katie, Krista and Karlie, adopted me after I asked if I could slee on the floor of their apartment they found online; nice place. We all went out to a classy joint, Taverna La Zigoela, for dinner. I had my first ravioli with buffalo cheese.  My review: It was good and I ate it all. Better than the Italian tuna out of a can I had the night before.

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