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New record – 130 miles!

Set a new Steffes world record on Wednesday, biking 130 miles from Towanda, Illinois (just north of Bloomington) to Marengo, IL, which is about 25 miles from the Illinois/Wisconsin state line.
Much credit for the swiftness goes to a fabulous tailwind that pushed me along at about 20 mph. The telephone poles were passing by fast – like teeth on a comb. If I had waxpaper streamers on my bike you could have heard me humming right along.
I feel I’ve hit my prime at 48; I should have tried out for the Olympics, although today I feel extremely crickity.
The reason I look so grumpy in the photo is because my brain is putty and my feet hurt.
Notice the fire truck behind me – the chief at the department in Marengo, IL let me sleep in a bunk for the night. There were two calls during the night and I felt very beholden to respond, but I was resting.
I am glad to hear that u r still on the black top cruzing home. Makes me feel good that there still r some communities still willing to help. Keep on cruzing Judy! 🙂  Cassie Holder

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  1. How great to see you made it home safe and sound and with some great stories.How fun to know the winner of the Steffes World Record award!

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