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Pisa: My Luck On the Road

A whirlwhind day of touring, wrapping up in Pisa with a visit to the famed leaning tower. Lots of tourists; more entertaining to watch their goofy antics during photo shoots.

Wonderful Reverend Andre volunteered to watch my bike as I snuck into the cathedral. “I’m a priest,” he said, “You can trust me.”

Rev. Andre

Rev. Andre was from Brazil. I asked him what my chances were of tucking myself into the Vatican for a night. I told him I had a heavy donation to Alzheimer’s riding on it. He laughed. I actually don’t think he understood, but it’s still on my bucket list.

Secured a campsite for the night. Set up my apartment next to Jochen and his wife from Munich. He introduced me to his neighbor, Katia.

“Do you all have a fridge I can put this in?” I asked, holding up a pair of 16-oz. Birre Moretti Maltis. Katia not only had a cooler, it was a primo cooler…. Think a little red Igloo jobbie on wheels. What luck! She opened the industrial latch and a cloud of frigid coolness escaped.

Katia had thick German arms and meaty fingers. “Hold the dog,” she said, as we swapped our treasures. I spied several quarter barrels. Katia knew how to travel, and my luck on the road continued.

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