.....The BiKeWriTeR


Exclusive from the Washington County Insider:

West Bend, WI – After a three-week all-inclusive tour from New Mexico to West Bend, Judy Steffes is finally home in West Bend.

By all-inclusive we mean that the trek included storms, flat tires (a lot of them), immense heat, leg and foot cramps, one major gluteal injury from a crash on day one, and a whole lot of interesting, kind, and amazing people
Steffes returns home from her annual bicycle tour to raise funds for Alzheimer’s programs at Cedar Community after 21 days of bicycling through New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin. Traveling along a portion of the well-known, historical Route 66, the labor of love took Steffes through a few very long stretches of what the locals referred to as “nothing,” and meant it. No food, no water, no restrooms, not a single luxury.
She was welcomed home tonight as she approached the West Bend welcome sign on the corner of Valley Avenue and West Washington Street (Hwy. 33) by Hank and Essie, Barton’s beloved mannequin sweethearts, as well as others who braved the heat. Then it was on to a good, old brewski to refill the tank.

Photos above courtesy: Ruth Marks
Photo below courtesy: Deb Slais

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