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Two Heads Are Better Than One

I am not alone in my challenges with mapping in Italy.


Ran into an exasperated biker named Jans. He hails from Denmark and has been on the road for six weeks. Today he could not make his way from Grosseyo to Rome. “I’ve spent two hours going nowhere,” said Jans as we stood on the side of a busy highway.

I believed him.

The roads in Italy are somewhat marked, but what it says on the map is not what a depiction of reality. I pedaled with Jans to the train station. We were headed in the same direction and I wasn’t about to retrace his mistake. There’s a bit of comfort in 2’s. Jans, 63, is married, speaks perfect English and is headed to Rome. A retired teacher, he will be meeting his wife in Rome this weekend.

In the meantime, we explored historic Tarquinia together, found a seafront campsite, and enjoyed a cozy grocery store dinner of cheese, tomatoes, baguette and tuna….and a celebratory beer for getting through the day.

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