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Uplift Capitol of the World

Molly McDowell was the wonderful neighbor to First Lutheran Church. She had been the janitor at the church for 30 years. 

“When I was a sophomore in high school I worked at the local bra factory,” she said. “That was a big employer for women in those days. 

Molly is 76. She was soft spoken and talked about family and McLean. 

“My grandfather, Cal Fraser, would sell eggs to the cafes in town,” she said. “That was way before the government got involved.” 

The bra factory lent itself to the town’s current handle of the “Uplift Capitol of the World.”

“I was in the cutting department,” said Molly. “The bras were cotton back then and if you were sewing you had to be fast.” 

Today the Devils Rope/Route 66 Museum is housed in the very building that used to be the bra factory. 

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