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VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes look at packing small for the tour

I was asked if I could post a little bit more on what it’s like to get ready for the tour – packing and whatnot.

Here ya go. My goal is light and tight and small. Some of the tricks – I cut the handle off my toothbrush, I roll all my clothes and put them in plastic bags to help waterproof.  Matter of fact, everything goes into a plastic bag.

Some other unique things – I put safety pins on all my zipper pulls. I call my credit card company and let them know I’ll be traveling – I also check the credit limit; I don’t want it to be too high just in case my card gets stolen.

Something I didn’t show in the video is the packets I make up. I have a team at home, close friends who are my backup in case of emergency.

I give them a packet with all my personal information including the credit card numbers, the number to call if the card is lost or stolen, my family numbers, ID, and a copy of my will. Seriously, I try to plan for everything. 

Over the years I’ve made sure all my financial accounts have my brother as POD and I just try to be as tidy as I can so just in case something does happen, there’s not a lot of scramble.

All my electronics fly with me, including all the power cords – that’s a lesson from a past packing mistake when I had my device but my luggage was delayed for 26 days and I since the power cords were in the luggage I had to scramble to find replacements and it wasn’t easy.

Right now I’m juicing up all my devices and emptying the memory card as much as possible – I’m also still searching biking websites, looking for a place to stay when I land on Tuesday.

Anybody have a friend in Albuquerque? 

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