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VIDEO | Touring the beer cave in Town of Addison

August 15, 2020 – Town of Addison, WI – Finding a beer cave in Fillmore earlier this week sparked my interest and rumor was there was another in the Town of Addison.

Yellowstone Trail is the old road that winds back through Addison Center.

The Addison House used to be  tavern and brewery.

The northeast corner was Addison’s general store and post office with a brewery and cheese factory added in the early 1900s.

Suzanne Fish is the owner of the Addison House, previously run as a bed and breakfast. She turned over a flashlight and pointed in the direction of the beer cave. “Railing, stairs, beer cave,” she said. “Just let me know when you’re back so I know it didn’t collapse on you.”



The beer cave was exactly what you would suspect to find in a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mystery novel.


A rickety railing, inviting wooden stairs, tall grass and weeds, a random cement mixer and an open entrance with spooky anticipation written all over it.

The arched entry was made of brick; even rows and solid. The entrance was particleboard with a hole big enough for a human. I lit my torch and looked inside. It was like a gold mine of adventure, however, I was far from being the first one ever inside.


Aside from the metal pony keg in the corner the rest of the experience was vintage; dirt floor, old crate, box of dusty beer bottles and a big wooden beer barrel. It was empty.

The walls were a mix of stone a brick. The back wall, about 20 feet deep, was full of dirt from caving in.

A little wary but giddy with excitement I ticked off my list of things that would drive me out: no bats, no rats, no mice, no snakes, no big spiders nor any skeletons.

No full bottles of beer either in said beer cave but very much worth the adventure on my Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s – Touring the Townships of Washington County.

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