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Visited Delft Blue factory to witness hand painting of pottery.

July 2, 2017 – Delft, Holland – From Monster to Delft. About 23 miles on the day with a stop for Mass. 
Woke up to this treat from the chocolate nutrition fairy at my tent flap door. Someone from the cozy campsite I imagine.  Every day it’s a new adventure. 
Sunday Mass at a huge church, St. Antonius, just at the outskirts of Delft – all of it in Dutch. I understood ‘Amen’ and ‘bruzzers and sizzers.’  

Visited Delft Blue factory which is where they hand paint the pottery. If this woman looks annoyed …..she totally was.  Not sure if it’s because she’s working on a Sunday or because she has to paint in front of simple tourists. 
Below: Just a little trinket in the Delft Blue gift shop.

Mural, below, is called “The Nightwatch” – a painting made by Rembrandt in 1642.

Interesting note – the company will make anything in Delft Blue.  From a classic painting to, well… how about paint a cow. Just a little trinket in the Delft Blue gift shop. 

This church is very Goth – and it’s huge. The Nieuwe Kerk is located on Delft Market Square (Markt), opposite the City Hall. 

These canals are part of the fabric of Delft. I can’t believe how close the waterline is to the threshold of these doors. Just tell me they don’t have water issues in the basement. 
Sporting my Delft Blue glasses. Just kidding…  I got them at the Dutch dollar store…  or I suppose they call it the ÔéČuro store. 

This is disconcerting.  The bike rack is right next to the canal. Look across the water. No safety rail. Just trust to park your vehicle by the side … I’ve yet to see someone exit their car because you would drop right in the drink. 

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