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What to do about the Kardashians?


PARMA, Italy – Had the nicest breakfast at the hostel in Parma this morning with Alexandria who worked the reception desk. Alexandria is 30 years old, has a PhD in French literature, is wonderfully well-rounded and interesting to talk to.

A summary of our discussion is below:

“In Italy we take great pride in our food and restaurants. It’s the one thing we do really well. We judge the food by quality rather than, like the “States,” where you like quantity. No offense! I visited the States and I did not know what to do with all the food. And the size of your drinks?  Who can do that!?”

“We have messages on TV warning people about the dangers on the internet. We do not date on the internet. No offense, but wouldn’t you feel like a loser? We like meeting people face to face.”

“Dating is difficult because most men approaching their 30s live with their mother. Good jobs are hard to find and most men are mama’s boys.”

“When Italians visit America, they cannot find old things because the U.S. tears it down and builds new. We say…if you want to see old things, stay home.”

And my favorite:
“These Kardashians, who are they? Somebody stop them. Your government just do something.”

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