.....The BiKeWriTeR

Wrapping it up and not ready just yet….


My friend who is driving me to the airport called and asked, “So are you ready? Are you excited?”

The answer is I’m focused – – which, makes me look too serious for someone about to embark on a fabulous three week bicycling tour from Halifax, through the east coast and back to Wisconsin. 

Behind the scenes – – you get the idea of how things are going. I’m still packing, cleaning, and throwing things into the pile of ‘now don’t forget this.’

When I’m nervous I multitask and tend to lean hard into food. In this case, that’s a good thing because I have to empty my fridge before going. I just finished my tenth Popsicle of the day.

With lips red and fingers sticky I’m fighting off the temptation to over pack. I’m holding strong – – still at two bags and my carry on…. and then the bike box. It’s normally cumbersome and heavy – – like a sleeping 8 year old that needs to be carried to the car after a hot day at the zoo.

I have to be methodical in my packing just in case this ends up being like my New Zealand tour where the bike arrived and my luggage did not. Luckily I just finished my 10,000 push up – so I’m feeling strong and accomplished as that’s one more promise kept to a sponsor.

I just passed the mirror and in a quick glance I’m shiny with sweat, some hair has escaped my ponytail, and I have dense, black shark eyes. I’m thinking about another Popsicle to try and relieve some of the self-imposed tension.

Another friend calls, “So are you ready? Are you excited?”  This is the friend who no longer drives me to the airport. I’m not the best when flying – – I can be five hours ahead of departure and still have zero sense of humor because I’m concentrating on everything that can possibly go wrong.

My driver normally takes the brunt of my angst. This one tried to add levity by suggesting we “stop for ice cream” on the way. After that, there was some unnecessary urgency to pull off the expressway to wash the van.

I think I’m good to go now. My Plan B – – if I forget something, I can always buy it and I have a pretty solid team of friends back home to hold down the fort or call in an emergency while I’m away.

Before I forget – – a big THANK YOU to all the sponsors and advertisers that are supporting this year’s Amazing Ride for Alzheimer’s.

Just a reminder of why I tour. This photo is from 4 a.m. when I was getting on my way in California in 2010.

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