.....The BiKeWriTeR

A View From the Road, and a Little Bit More

Above: Route 66 frontage road; I-40 traffic is to the right

Clouds were a big help while biking. It was hot with a lot of hills.

After 60 miles, my feet started to cramp so I drank more water.

(photos above: Another brief stop on Route 66.

The dog at this station thought me to be very threatening…  :-/

Guido and Michela were from Italy.

They flew to Chicago, rented a Harley, and were motorcycling Route 66.

Photo above: Overlooking I-40

Photo above: Cattle grating on Route 66 drove me nuts.

I had to stop and walk over them.

Photo above: Sadly, one of the first hotels I see when I pull into Tucumcari.
I wash my shorts every day; it’s so hot in New Mexico that I strap them to the top of my gear to dry. So far, the number of guys it’s attracted have been…

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