.....The BiKeWriTeR

Along the Way….

YEAH! Classic Rock at the FUSE. 106.9 FM. Soldotna. Friday 11 a.m. No cars in the parking lot. 
Must be automation..

Hot coffee and some mapping outside Veronica’s Coffee House in Kenai about 10 mi. North of Soldotna.

Flowers are brilliant this year in AK – or so I’m told. These are outside Victoria’s Coffee House….

At least two of my friends will be jealous – I just got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Alaskan State Troopers HQ in Soldotna. This is Mike Wilson; he was on the show when an old lady hit a moose and he had to put the animal down.

Mike Wilson

I’m still not even a week into the tour and I’m already overloaded. People keep giving me things. My bags are packed tight so the only way to carry any more is to double bag and tie it on. I feel like a sherpa….

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