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Connecting deeper with the Dutch; spreading the word about Alzheimer’s

July 3, 2017 – Naaldwijk, Holland – I connected with Cor at the Pluktuin gardens in Monster. Just received this email:

“I am sure you have met a lot of people here in Holland and one of them was me last Saturday, July 1, where we met in a place in Naaldwijk called de Pluktuin.

 I apologize I did not have the time to talk more with you because I had to go to my daughter’s birthday. And actually I was already late…. because I took some more time to do my photography.. 🙂 I hope you were able to find a camping in Hook of Holland which was the nearest I think. It was nice to meet you and saw the passion in what you are doing.

So here the passion flower I photographed at the Pluktuin for you for your good work.
 All the best and feel free to mail me. 

With kind regards, 
Cor de Voogd – The Netherlands”

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